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The Modern Classic

The Packages


The Starter

Three (3) Hours
2 x 6 Print Template
Unlimited Prints
Props & Backdrop
On-site Attendant


The Essentials

Three (3) Hours
2 x 6 OR 4 x 6 Template
Unlimited Prints
Text & Emails
Props & Backdrop
On-site Attendant
Add-on's of your choice (up to $100 value)


The Elite

Four (4) Hours
2 x 6 OR 4 x 6 Template
Unlimited Prints
Text & Email Option
Props & Backdrop
On-site Attendant
Add-on's of your choice (up to $150 value)

The Modern Classic: Price List
Family Photobooth Photoshoot

The Modern Classic

Printed Photos

The Modern Classic can print the standard 2 x 6 strips or the 4 x 6 photos.  If you want guests to have larger photos, you can opt for the 6 x 6.

GIF & Boomerangs

Let your guests experience what the photo booth can do! The booth can email or text those captured GIFs and Boomerangs.

Text & Email Options

If you want to post immediately to social media or send it to a friend/family that was not able to come, you can send it via text or email.

Hashtag Printing

Include those that couldn't make it to the celebration with #hashtag printing.  A simple personalized hashtag and Instagram will print straight to the Classic Modern's printer.

Live Gallery

The Live Gallery option allows you and your guests to have access to all the photos for the evening with one link.  You can print them or share them via social media.

The Modern Classic: Features


Packages sometimes come with add-on's that you may not want or need.  At Mom & Pop's we want you to be able to customize your package by giving you the ability to choose what you want in your package.

Additional Hour

$100 per hour

Add an extra hour to your package at a discount rate of $100/hr.

Custom Backdrop

$100 - $350

Don't want just a standard backdrop? Want to have it stand out more. Then let's chat about how we can customize a backdrop for your occasion.

Custom Props

$50 - $250

Want some custom props for your event?  Let's chat about what we can do for your props.

4x6 Prints

$50 flat fee

Want the Starter package but need to have the bigger prints for your guests? The printed photo can have 2-4 poses on a customized template.

6x6 Prints

$75 flat fee

Want to spoil your guests with the 6x6 photo printout?  The printed photo can have 2-4 poses and a customized template.

6x8 Prints


Our largest print we have! The prints can accommodate 2-4 poses and a customized template.

Idle Time


If you are having a sit down dinner, you may want to shut the booth down for an hour, so your guests can eat and it doesn't use up your photo booth time.

Custom Signs

$25 - $125

Have a hashtag that you want guests to use at your event.  We can create and display the sign near the photo booth that guests can see.  Check out our Instagram page @mnps.photoshop for examples.

Text / Email Option

$30 flat fee

Photos can be delivered to your guests via email and/or text.

Boomerang ONLY

$30 flat fee

Let your guests have access to creating Boomerangs ONLY.  No photos nor GIFs. Email & text option is included in fee.  Boomerangs can NOT be printed.


$30 flat fee

Your guests will have access to create GIFs ONLY.  No photos nor Boomerangs. Email & text option is included in fee.  GIFs can NOT be printed.

Boomerang & GIF

$50 flat fee

Give the options of Boomerangs & GIFs to your guests. No photos.  Email & text included in fee. Prints are not available for Boomerangs or GIFs.

The Modern Classic: List
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